Best Practices for Operational Excellence, 2nd edition

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Best Practices for Operational Excellence, 2nd edition

Luca Dellanna
14 ratings

"I'm a huge fan of High Output Management and Setting the Table […] Luca's Best Practices for Operational Excellence took my management to the next level.

It's been almost a month since I started implementing the principles, but I can already say that I've noticed a significant improvement in my company's morale […] That feels amazing."

– Molson Hart, Viahart CEO


  • The 4 Principles of Operational Excellence, that determine whether your organization will operate smoothly or always react to the last problem, whether your subordinates respect you and each other or operate with defensiveness and distrust.
  • The 8 Best Practices of Operational Excellence, that effective managers use on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that the Principles are followed in practice every day, even when conditions are not optimal, even when they are not around.
  • How to get top-management buy-in, a roadmap for an effective roll-out, and systems to sustain the change. This book does not let you alone with the complex reality of implementing change in a big company where multiple projects and agendas are involved.

About the author

Luca Dellanna is an Operational Excellence consultant with a long experience in helping multinational organizations to make their operations run effectively and reliably. He specializes in helping CEOs, COOs, and Operation Managers to improve the Operational Culture of their organizations.

An automotive engineer, Luca worked for many years in the consulting unit of DuPont before starting his own consulting company.

This might be the most important book for your career

This book will help you improve the way your team works, leading to the following benefits:

  • Less stress: as your team's Operational Culture improves, they will learn how to solve alone problems you would have to micromanage instead.
  • More time: as your team takes care of its own problems, you will be freed from running after emergencies and work on the things that matter.
  • More respect: as you become a better leader, and your subordinates become better teammates, valuing each other's work, you will become more respected and valued.
  • More budget: as your team improves its output, the bottom line contribution of your team becomes available to be redistributed as budget and bonuses for you and your team.
  • A better career: the skills you will learn with this book are rare and thus valuable. They will make you a more valued and respect employee, leading to a successful career.

A comprehensive playbook of best practices

Learn from the best. Inside, you'll find many best practices that you can apply starting today. They will help you and your team to translate the Four Principles of Operational Excellence into impactful action.

It includes comparisons between the actions of good managers and bad ones, detailed examples and word-by-word scripts.

How to get buy-in and how to roll-out

Other books only describe how an effective company looks like, ignoring how to get there. This book doesn't leave you alone with the implementation. It presents a Roadmap you can use to obtain buy-in from the Top Management and to roll-out the change initiatives.

A complete toolkit

  • Handle unmotivated workers and instill newfound proactivity.
  • Get your workers to work safely, even when the boss is not looking.
  • Get your employees to keep an orderly work-floor, even when they are not motivated.
  • Get your quality up, while decreasing the cognitive load of your workers.
  • Manage a fast-changing company, where workers fail to keep up with growth and change.

Best practices that work

You will only find best practices that are simple enough to be easily implemented and reliable enough to work even when your workers are tired or distracted.

Expensing this book & bulk purchases

Many companies reimburse their employee's expenses for books related to their job. Don't hesitate asking yours.

If you are interested in a bulk purchase for your company, please email Luca [at] Luca-Dellanna.com to arrange invoicing and bulk pricing.

What you get

By purchasing this book, you will receive all of the following:

  • PDF version (to read on your laptop, or to print for personal use)
  • .ePub version (compatible with Apple Books & other eBook readers)
  • .mobi version (Kindle

Add a 1h call

You'll get a 1h call or video call with Luca Dellanna, to be scheduled according to your and his schedule. If you select this option, you will be contacted by Luca via email over the next 24 hours.

Add a bespoke virtual workshop for your team

Luca will hold a 4h live workshop custom-tailored for you and your team, to discuss the topics of the books and how to implement them in your organization, and/or to directly train your team.

It also includes a 1h call with you to prepare and tailor the workshop, and a 1h follow up (with you and/or your team) one month after the workshop (so the total is 6h of interaction).

The workshop is to be organized using Zoom or a similar video-conferencing software of your choice. All 3 calls can be arranged at a time of your choice, compatible with Luca's schedule.

A full guarantee

I've spent years researching the content for this book. Therefore, I'm confident to offer the following guarantee: unless you LOVE this book, you have 30 days from its purchase to send me an email (Luca at Luca-dellanna.com) to let me know that you opened the book but it wasn't what you expected and I will 100% refund you.

The paperback

This book is also available in paperback form on Amazon.

However, if you plan to buy the Kindle version, please consider buying it from here instead. Not only it's cheaper here, but you also support me more (Gumroad royalties are way higher). Thanks!

They say about Luca's books

"I am amazed at Luca Dellanna's ability to observe, compile, and articulate […] actionable life principles here. […] It's filled with DEEP insights yet VERY readable." – Theresia Tanzil

“This book was so helpful to my work. Opened my eyes up to some more reasons why change is so hard.” – Chris Murman

A very thoughtful piece of writing, deep and wiring!" – David Krejca

"Practical, directional advice." – Hari Meyyappan

"A thoughtfully written book in very straightforward language." – A.L. Peevey

"This guy! Luca is amazing. So insightful with common sense applications of Complexity and the ability to communicate clearly!!" – Bob Klapetzky

Who is it for

This book might be good for you if:

  • You are an Operations Manager, a Plant Manager, a CEO or a COO and you are not satisfied with the Operational Culture of your team.
  • You are willing to do something about it, but are unsure about what to do or anticipate resistance or indifference from your subordinates.
  • You are good at the technical part of your job but feel like you can improve on driving change initiatives.
  • If you are unsure how to handle your subordinates when they are demotivated, negligent or exhibit any problematic behavior.

This book might not be good for you if:

  • You already threw up the towel and know already you will not progress past the first few lines of this book.
  • You are convinced that you are already doing everything right and it's only your colleagues' fault if your team does not perform well.


Q: Will this work for me if I'm new to my job / don't work for a company that strictly operates in manufacturing or logistics / etc?

A: Most likely. I've got to observe tens of companies and hundreds of managers, so I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Also, I've recently consulted for software companies too. Of course, this book will not work for everyone. That's why I offer a satisfied-or-reimbursed guarantee. If you do not LOVE this course, just send me an email (my address is Luca AT Luca-dellanna.com) within 30 days from when you received this book and I will refund you the full amount.

Q: Some of the workers in my company are demotivated or "difficult". Will this book work anyway?

A: This book has specifically been written taking into account demotivated, negligent or "difficult" workers. It considers the conditions that exist in the real world, it has not been written by an academic in his Ivory Tower.

Q: A consultant proposed some initiatives which failed. How will this book be different?

A: This book does not only propose principles, best practices and procedures that work when implemented, but most importantly guides you during their implementation and anticipates the most common problems companies & managers in your situation might face. This book does not ignore problems; it solves them.

Try "Best Practices for Operational Excellence" for 30 days! If you do not LOVE it, just email me within one month from the day you receive the ebook and I will refund you the full amount.

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