This Is Management – a Roam Book / Obsidian Book by Luca Dellanna

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(The book is available in both Roam and Obsidian formats; keep reading)

"I'm a huge fan of High Output Management and Setting the Table […] Luca's Best Practices for Operational Excellence took my management to the next level.

It's been almost a month since I started implementing the principles, but I can already say that I've noticed a significant improvement in my company's morale […] That feels amazing."

– Molson Hart, Viahart CEO

About the book

In short: I merged together my two past books on management and made a Roam book version (and an Obsidian one).

Over the past years, I published two books titled "Best Practices For Operational Excellence" and "Teams Are Adaptive Systems". They got great reviews, such as the one above.

Then, in November 2020, I published the first Roam book, on Ergodicity. Roam Research is an application that allows to create a "personal wikipedia" of interconnected thoughts. (Here are some of the features of Roam books; more on this below.)

I decided to take the opportunity to merge together my two books on management and package them as a Roam book, to allow readers to explore them non-linearly, to make connections between topics, and to take integrated notes.

The book is the equivalent of 292 pages long, and is divided in four parts:

  • The Nature of Management
  • The 4 Principles of Management
  • The 8 Best Practices to apply them
  • How to roll-out and sustain an initiative to change the operational culture of your team or organization

All of the above, seen through the eyes of a common thread: teams are adaptive systems.

It is a very practical book and does not contain the usual management bubble spoken by consultants who never actually managed operations.

Instead, it focuses on proven principles that I've witnessed in the many companies I got to observe in my career.


Here are some excerpts, in PDF form. (To know what a Roam Book looks like, check instead).

  • Excerpt of Introduction and of The First Principle of Management (link).
  • Excerpt of the chapter "Teams Are Adaptive Systems" (link).

About the author

Luca Dellanna is the author of 7 books. He is a researcher in complexity science and emergent behaviors, and an operational excellence consultant. He spoke at Nudgestock and regularly teaches management workshops and risk management courses.

His personal website is and his Twitter is @DellAnnaLuca.

Below, are some readers' reviews about Luca's books (other books, because this one just got published and it's still early for reviews).

The Roam & Obsidian versions

This book is available as a Roam Research graph and as an Obsidian Vault.

Roam and Obsidian are apps that show content in an interconnected way, a bit like Wikipedia. Reading the book this way will allow you to go back and forth content at your pace and following your interests.

Important: reading the Roam version requires a pre-existing Roam subscription, which is not included in this bundle.

If you purchase the Roam version, you will receive an editable .json file that you can import into your own graphs.

If you purchase the Obsidian version, you will receive a .zip with files that you can import as an Obsidian vault.

Note: in the past, I also used to offer the possibility to read the Roam version from the read-only graph I personally hosted, whereas now it's only available as a graph you import in your own Roam account.

Roam innovation continues!

This is the second Roam Book. Check out the first one ever, here.

I also created a website for Roam Books,

Finally, my newsletter is also available in a Roam-native format. It's not a newsletter about Roam, but it's a newsletter built on top of Roam. You can subscribe to it at

What you will get

The basic version includes the book, as a .JSON file (to import in your Roam graph) or as a .zip file (whose contents you can import as an Obsidian vault).

You can pay extra to also receive the two eBooks whose content contributed to this book: "Best Practices For Operational Excellence", and "Teams Are Adaptive Systems".  They will come in three versions:

– PDF version (for reading on a laptop)

– .ePub version (compatible with Apple Books & other eBook readers)

– .mobi version (Kindle)

Patron's support

Thank you very much for your support, it helps me spending more time on my research.

I will also add your name as a Patron in the acknowledgment section of the book.

If you already purchased one of Luca's books on management, or both

Before the 28th of February, you should have received on that very day a voucher to purchase the Roam book at a discounted price (check your email). This is because the contents of this book are roughly the sum of the contents of the two books on management I already published (Best Practices for Operational Excellence and "Teams Are Adaptive Systems"), and it wouldn't be fair to make you pay a second time for the part of the content that you already purchased.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this a different book than "Best Practices For Operational Excellence" and "Teams Are Adaptive Systems"?
This book comprises of about 100% of "Best Practices For Operational Excellence" and 60% of "Teams Are Adaptive Systems", packaged in Roam format.

Q: Will "This Is Management" also be released as an eBook or paperback?
I do not have any plans for that. If you want a paperback or eBook, I suggest you get "Best Practices For Operational Excellence" and "Teams Are Adaptive Systems". I created this book for the sole purpose of using the Roam format, which favors a single large body of content rather than two smaller separate ones.
If, at any time, I will publish an eBook version of "This Is Management," no worries: if you purchased the Roam version you will also receive the eBook version for free.

I want this!

30-day money-back guarantee

I've spent years researching the content for this book. Therefore, I'm confident to offer the following guarantee: unless you LOVE this book, you have 30 days from the day your receive it to send me an email (Luca at to let me know that you opened the book but it wasn't what you expected and I will 100% refund you – I will even eat credit card fees.

Last updated May 24, 2023


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This Is Management – a Roam Book / Obsidian Book by Luca Dellanna

2 ratings
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