The World Through a Magnifying Glass: a guide to understand Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Neurodiversity

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"Thanks to Luca Dellanna for his book about autism and ASD. It's probably one of the best works I have read in that matter (I have read a few) and it's surprising how realistically he depicts the condition." – Manel Vilar, a reader

"Thank you for helping me understand! My son was recently diagnosed and I needed to be able to understand how he views the world. Why certain things would overwhelm him and cause so much anxiety and pain. This book made it so clear and easy to understand." – Geiger T., a reader

"Loved The World Through a Magnifying Glass – this analogy NAILS IT." – Emerson Spartz, NYT Bestseller Author

By reading this book:

  • You will understand why people on the Autism Spectrum behave the way they do and pay attention to the things they pay attention to.
  • You will learn to communicate with them in a way that is meaningful to them.
  • You will comprehend why some fields are so hard to learn for people on the Spectrum, and why they are sometimes talented at other ones.

(The book is free to download, to improve awareness and understanding of autism. That said, you can leave a donation by choosing a non-zero price for the book – my other books retail at $15. The book is also available as a paperback on Amazon.)

A book to understand the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This book is for parents, friends, or anyone related to someone with Autism.

This is for neurologists and psychologists to help them understand the world of ASD.

This book is for people on the Spectrum, to help them understand themselves.

Some of the topics covered inside:

  • The Magnifying Glass: a metaphor to understand perception under the Spectrum
  • Why people on the Spectrum are impaired in contextual fields (such as personal communication) and advantaged in mastering detailed fields (such as computer science).
  • Peripheral Functionality Blindness: the reason people on the Spectrum do not develop appropriate body language and facial expressivity.
  • Prioritization by Specificity: the reason literal meaning is the only thing which matters, for people on the Spectrum.
  • The High-Pass filter: a novel hypothesis for the Autism Spectrum Disorder, coherent with previous theories and experimental results.

(Reading time is about 1h30)

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The World Through a Magnifying Glass: a guide to understand Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Neurodiversity

2 ratings
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